Northern Lakes Impact Center

Wilderness Trips

Our world is loud, hyper-connected, and fast-paced. We live busy, tired, selfishly, and much too disconnected from everyone and everything around us. Wilderness settings on the other hand, are the exact opposite. They are quieter by nature, slow-paced, and encourage us to be connected and in the moment. The wilderness also often provides us permission and space to slow down, relax, and have some much needed connection and fun.

This is why here at the Northern Lakes Impact Center we have designed our wilderness trips with our participants in mind. We pride ourselves on designing trips that encompass not only rest for the soul, but technical and personal challenges and of course some good fun and relaxation. Our emphasis on personal, leadership, and technical transformation make any of our many wilderness trips a life-changing experience.

As participants on Northern Lakes Impact Center wilderness trips, your guides will provide the structure and space for you to learn technical skills such as rock climbing, canoeing, backpacking, and outdoor living, while also being able to develop more practical life skills such as teamwork, communication, leadership development, and more.

2023 Wilderness Trips

Below you can explore our in-house course offerings. There is no prior experience required. We hope to see you on one of our trips! Please see each course for details.

TEEN Backpacking Trip
July 30 - August 2, 2023

Don't see a trip you like? Let us help you design one that will fit you and your groups needs perfectly!

We offer:

Rock climbing
Car camping
Sea kayaking
Whitewater rafting
...and more

Our lives are meant for spectacular adventures, so let your feet come wander with us. The Northern Lakes Impact Center's team is willing to design an experience that is tailored to your time frame, desired outcomes, and activities of interest.

We are so glad you are considering using the Northern Lakes Impact Center for your wilderness experience. For more information about the Northern Lakes Impact Center or its Wilderness Trips, please contact us to request a trip type and dates! We look forward to working together to create a retreat, trip, or education opportunity that will meet you and your group's specific wants and goals.