Northern Lakes Impact Center


From day one, Northern Lakes Impact Center has had the goal of providing a unique educational experience to local students as well as others around north-central Wisconsin. Starting in 2009, our founders drew from their many years of experience and knowledge to create what we are today. Drawing from decades of staff experience running similar programs around the Midwest, Northern Lakes Impact Center has created and compiled 100 environmental, historical, and outdoor skills classes, fundraised and installed ropes courses, and developed relationships with many of the local schools.

It didn't take long for the Northern Lakes Impact Center to become "kid-tested and teacher-approved". Our growth over the last 10 years is a direct result of referrals from teachers, coaches, and corporate companies with whom we have built strong relationships.

Rain or shine, we have the ability to customize and adapt classes to various age-groups, homeschool families, youth organizations, sports teams, and corporate groups. It has always been and continues to be our greatest joy to spend the day with a group of students and hear them exclaim, "This was the best day ever!" as they climb back on the bus!

As we look forward to our future, we are very excited to see how we continue to grow as we adapt our old programs and create new ones. Contact us today to set up a program so you can come see what the hype is all about!