Northern Lakes Impact Center


Northern Lakes Impact Center is located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, just a short drive from Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Northern Lakes Impact Center operates out of the shared facility of Crescent Lake Bible Camp.

Turn south onto Crescent Road. Follow through the curves until it opens into an area surrounded by fields. Crescent Road will turn left, then right. Bible Camp Road is just before it turns right. Turn left onto Bible Camp Road. The Main Office is on the left and Bible Camp Road dead ends into our main parking lot and dining hall.

From day one, Northern Lakes Impact Center has had the goal of providing a unique educational experience to people of all age groups. Rain or shine, we have the ability to customize and adapt our classes, teambuilding programs, and wilderness trips to any age-group whether they are homeschooling families or organizations, youth organizations and schools, high school or college sports teams, and corporate groups.

We have never turned a group away, and it has always been and continues to be our greatest joy to spend time creating relationships and helping foster personal growth in all ages and types of groups of people!

Here at the Northern Lakes Impact Center, we always say, "There is no such thing as bad weather, only poorly dressed," meaning, just because it is raining (or snowing or cold) doesn't mean we stop programming. We will still run our programs as scheduled even in these conditions, but always with participant safety in mind. We keep extra snow gear and rain gear for our participants and we always, always have multiple rain plans (or inclement weather plans) as a backup that, after discussion with the head leader for the group, we will switch to. Often it means modifying a class or activity to keep our participants as warm, dry, and comfortable as we can while still giving them the chance to participate in what they came here for.

The Northern Lakes Impact Center has food services available in our Dining Hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Many of our day groups choose to bring a sack lunch, which they can eat in our Dining Hall or picnic area when the weather is nice. In addition to our Dining Hall services, each of our modern cabins have a small kitchenette containing a sink, refrigerator, freezer, stove, oven, microwave, and a few pots and pans, which gives our overnight groups the possibility of cooking meals for themselves. If you are looking for ways to cut down on programming costs, this is a great way to do so.

The Northern Lakes Impact Center currently offers 100 different classes including environmental studies, living history, and outdoor skills, as well as teambuilding and a variety of wilderness trips. However, we occasionally run into situations where there is a group that is looking for something we do not have. When this happens, we simply design and create something that will fulfill your educational or recreational goals. In fact, many of our classes and wilderness trips have been created for specific groups and then we just add them to our ever growing curriculum and programs in case a future group is looking for something similar!

We understands that many schools, sports teams, homeschooling families, youth groups, and other groups are facing budget crunches, forcing them to find ways to maintain quality programs while also saving money. The Northern Lakes Impact Center was developed with that in mind. We work hard to keep our programs affordable for even the strictest budgets; however we do not have any scholarship opportunities available at this time.

Even though we are unable to scholarship groups, we do provide a few discount options. Teachers, chaperons, and other group leaders attend for free on any day program and attend for half price (within a 1:10 adult student ratio) for overnight programs.

We also provide a 25% discount off program fees for new schools and a 10% discount off program fees for school referrals.

Before you arrive, the group leader will have a contract with an estimated total cost based on the reserved numbers of the program participants. We know that things can always change between setting up a program and the actual program, so with this in mind, we invoice at the end of the program based off of the actual attendees of the program.

After you receive the invoice, you can call our Main Office at 715-203-0500 to arrange payments or send a check.