Northern Lakes Impact Center

Seasonal Programs

Here at the Northern Lakes Impact Center, we work hard to be able to provide something for everyone. For example, our seasonal programs are a school favorite as they align with specific historical and cultural curriculum requirements.

Traditional Thanksgiving

Did you know that the Pilgrims first left England for Holland looking for religious freedom before they eventually ended up coming to the New World?

November is one of our busiest months of the year as we provide a live retelling of the First Feast. This program is a place where students, parents, and even teachers can learn something new about our American history, try things they’ve never done before like making candles or playing Eagle Eyes, and of course eating some delicious Thanksgiving foods. This hands-on program is adaptable for all ages and, along with games, crafts, tools, and a traditional Thanksgiving lunch, will help your group have fun while learning and celebrating this popular holiday.

Christmas Around the World

How did the Christmas Tree become a part of Christmas? What is the most popular Christmas Carol of all time? How do they celebrate Christmas in other countries? The answer to these and many other questions are answered in our Christmas Around the World program! Play games from other countries, create ornaments and other historical and cultural crafts, and learn where our many traditions were born! This program is adaptable for all ages and can be used as a full or half day program.