Northern Lakes Impact Center

Wilderness Trips Middle School Backpacking Trip
Ages 11-14

July 13-15, 2022

Student Description

Wilderness experiences are one of a kind. When we take youth into the wilderness, we see walls break down and growth happen. This wilderness trip to the Nicolet National Forest would be a great experience for your camper(s) who are looking to try something new, grow deeper in their faith as well as grow in leadership skills, and relationships with others. Our goal is that each participant will walk away from this wilderness trip with more leadership skills, a deeper understanding of God, new friends, and a self confidence that transcends the trail. Most people do not take time to spend a multitude of days focusing on their spiritual life and relationships with others in the wilderness. We hope that this trip would push these campers farther than they thought they could go and encourage them to do similar things often in their own lives.

All abilities are welcome, and no experience is required. Come with an open mind, willingness to try, and an adventurous spirit. We will provide all your technical and group equipment!

Your journey will begin at Northern Lakes Impact Center where you will learn to pack your backpack. Then you will travel from there to the Nicolet National Forest, where you will spend 3 days hiking, swimming, and learning the fundamentals of living in the wilderness. As you travel through the National Forest, your Northern Lakes Impact Center Instructor will teach you technical skills such as understanding and read a topographic map, navigate on and off the trail, prepare and cook in the backcountry, and enjoy and take care of God’s beautiful creation. This unique wilderness experience will create opportunities for practical leadership skills, spiritual and friendship growth, having new adventures, and leading you to gain more confidence and skills useful beyond your wilderness experience.


This course has been designed with middle schoolers in mind, however, it is also important to be aware of some of the potential emotional, mental, and physical challenges you may face while on this trip. Below is a list of the things to consider before signing up for this trip.

You will be carrying a backpack with your gear and group gear in it. This pack will weigh roughly 10-30% of your body weight.
You will be hiking on uneven terrain.
You may be hiking 2.5 to 5 miles per day.
Days on the trail are often long and you may be required to be up 7:00 am to 9:00 pm.
You may be stretched emotionally, mentally, and physically through long days on the trail, working with others, and spending time with God.

Learning Objectives

Though you will be participating in outdoor activities as a team daily as you live and move throughout the trip, these are not the main focus of this trip, but they are the tools and experiences being used for your own personal growth, challenge, and spiritual refinement. You will be challenged by working with others on daily tasks. You will be challenged to hike farther and longer than you think you can. You will grow personally by pushing yourself through the different challenges you face. You will grow spiritually as we discuss the lessons in the devotional provided as well as what you choose to focus on and reflect on in your own personal quiet time with God. Here at Northern Lakes Impact Center, we pray that this wilderness experience will lead you to a renewed identity in Christ, a deeper confidence in yourself, new lifelong friendships, and a gaining of leadership skills.

Skills covered on this trip include, but are not limited to:

On / off trail navigation
Camp set-up / tear down
Backcountry cooking
SOLO experiences
Leave No Trace and Creation Care
Overcoming personal challenges
Characteristics of Christ-centered living

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